by dev on November 08, 2011

SugarCRM 6.4.0 Beta Release is Now Available for customers!

Beta Calendar module

– Ability to drag-and-drop items — Drag and drop items in Calendar for better ease of use

– Quick create and edit forms — Click on any time slot within Calendar to create Meetings and Calls; also click on any Calendar item to modify information in Quick Edit forms

– Long meetings displayed in a solid continuous piece — Calendar items that are longer than 30 minutes in duration are displayed as a solid continuous item ie, they do not have lines demarcating the 30 minute time boundaries

– Calendar dashlet — Calendar has been added as one of the Sugar Home Dashlets items

– Individual color-codes for Meetings, Tasks and Calls — Meetings are displayed in blue, Calls in red, and Tasks in green to distinguish and identify them easily in Calendar

– Ability to change the first day of the week  — Select any day as your preferred first day of the week from your User pages and display the modifications in month-view of Calendar

– Ability to navigate within Calendar by using the calendar view — Navigate to any date with one click using the calendar view, instead of using the Next button
Studio enhancements
– Changes to Edit Fields option in Studio — Fields Editor is presented in tabular form for better display and lists details such as (field)Name, Display Label, and (field)Type

– Users and Employees modules added to Studio — Ability to customize Users and Employees modules in Studio.
Other/Miscellaneous enhancements
–  Import wizard – Import LinkedIn Contacts. Use the Import Wizard to import LinkedIn contacts for person-type modules such as Contacts, Leads, Targets, and Users (commercial editions only)

–  Working towards 508 compliance: alt text, language specification in HTML headers, new Accessibility theme with better contrast in colors for enhanced parsing of images for screen readers (only in commercial editions)

Platform enhancements

– DB2 support — Sugar 6.4.0 supports IBM DB2 LUW 974 with ibm_db2 version 1.9.2 driver on the PHP site for better performance, stability, and flexibility of the system. (Enterprise, Ultimate only)

– DB layer refactoring  This applies only to systems with custom modules that are upgrading to a higher Sugar version or edition. Test the upgrade in a staging environment before roll out since dependencies on the old DB layer may disrupt the upgrade process.

– Cache upload enhancements — Place the cache directory in any location within the file system after editing the config settings.

– CSS Sprites for better performance  Combining multiple images and icons into a single image resulting in fewer images for the browser to download and fewer requests to the server. Using CSS the small images – called “sprites” – are loaded from the single image and displayed to the user. This results in reduced download time, less bandwidth consumption, and better performance of the application. Specifically users on slower Internet connections will benefit from this as the amount of server requests is much lower on every page load.