Marketing Automation Bootcamp Webinar Video

by nick on November 12, 2015

In case you missed our webinar on Marketing Automation today, we’ve uploaded it for your edification! This presentation was given by Blaine Welker of Act-On, a leading product that integrates with SugarCRM and Salesforce platforms. Please Contact Cynergy Solutions today for more information on how you can implement Marketing Automation solutions to boost your marketing […]


Upgrading to SugarCRM 7.1.5

by dev on February 08, 2014

Upgrades to Sugar 7.1.5 are now available for On-Demand customers running on version 6.7.x. When deciding to upgrade your instance, please keep in mind that there are some key features of 6.x which have been changed or are not available in Sugar 7.1.5. Many of the items which are unavailable in Sugar 7.1.5 will be […]


Benefits of Customer Relationship Management Software

by dev on January 08, 2013

Any business owner knows that a stable customer base is the most vital commodity in commerce. Many enterprises do their best to make their clients happy, with offers, services, deals, and promos. It is also a common practice these days to tap into current innovations in technology to help in the process of managing CRM. […]


Increasing Customer Retention and Reducing Business Costs

by dev on January 04, 2013

Monitoring your business’ daily operation is important to its long-term success. Doing all the work manually can be challenging, as it’s difficult to track down sales and identify which products are in demand. With CRM, you can increase customer retention by allocating more time to assisting them. The software also allows you to reduce business […]