Data Import | memcache.connect error – Shared Hosting

by dev on July 07, 2010

Importing data is a critical component to any CRM project. Getting Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and Notes into your solution is critical. Many clients operate in a shared hosting environment and a common error we have come across when clients attempt a data import is listed below:

NOTICE: [8] Memcache::connect() [memcache.connect]: Server localhost(tcp 11211) failed with: Connection refused (111) on line 62 in filesugarCRM/include/utils/external_cache/SugarCache_Memcache.php

WARNING: [2] Memcache::connect() [memcache.connect]: Can’t connect tolocalhost:11211, Connection refused (111) on line 62 in filesugarCRM/include/utils/external_cache/SugarCache_Memcache.php.

When using Sugar in a shared hosting environment you do not have access to the server root or the php.ini file. A simple change in the config.php can solve the problem. You should see$sugar_config = array(…) in the config.php directory. Add the following value to the config.php file:

‘external_cache_disabled’ => true

This should solve the error/problem and allow you to import data.