Marketing Campaigns – List Types

by dev on July 01, 2010

We have been working with a client on their marketing campaigns in SugarCRM and we thought we would post an entry related to list types to help out with some of the questions we have received.  Here they are in a nutshell:

Usually, you create or import a target list first, associate it with targets, and then associate it with a campaign. However, you can also create a campaign first and then associate it with a target list.
The general process is as follows:

A target list can specify either individuals who need to be included in a campaign or excluded from a campaign. You can create one of the following types of target lists:

    • Default. A list of people who are campaign targets and receive the campaign email.
  • Seed. A list of people who need to receive the campaign email but must not be tracked as potential leads. Typically, these are individuals who need to approve the campaign before it is launched.
    • Test. A list of people who receive the campaign email to test how different email clients display the campaign message before you send it out to the default list.
  • Suppression List. A list of people you want excluded from the campaign email recipient list. Typically, these are people who chose to opt out of receiving your campaign message. Suppression lists can be by ID, email address, or domain.

Note:  Test and Seed lists are ignored in email tracking statistics.

For non-email campaigns, if you have purchased a license for the Sugar Plug-in for MicrosoftWord, you can create a form letter in Word for your targets and mergeit with names and addresses of your targets in Sugar to create acustomized campaign letter for each target. For more information on theplug-in, see Sugar Plug-in for Microsoft Word.