Partnership with Faye BSG for SugarCRM Customers

by ryan on May 10, 2017

Greetings –

We have some very exciting news to share with you.  Over the past few months we have been engaged in many conversations about how to deliver better value to our customers through the services and products we offer.  The output of these discussions was the decision to partner with Faye Business Systems Group for our SugarCRM clients.  Based on this decision our SugarCRM Practice will be merging with Faye Business Systems Group.

We will continue to operate our other lines of business, PMO Support, Custom Development, and CRM Consulting Services (non-SugarCRM) as before.  There will be no change and business will continue as usual.  Let us know if you have any questions.


SugarCRM Software Renewals:  Starting May 1, 2017 your SugarCRM renewals will be handled by Faye Business Systems Group.  As of this date your renewals will be invoiced by and payment remitted to Faye Business Systems Group. 

SugarCRM Multi-Year Software Renewals:  Some of our clients are on Multi-Year SugarCRM Subscriptions.  These subscription agreements are transferring to Faye Business Systems Group.  This transfer/assignment is governed by the assignment clause in the Cynergy Solutions ICA which governs the terms and conditions of client relationships with Cynergy Solutions.

SugarCRM Existing Open and Final Invoices:  Depending on your account you may have open or will be receiving final invoices from Cynergy Solutions for services rendered or software sold or renewed prior to May 1st.  This will include Quarterly (Q1) and April Support, Consulting, and Development Services that have been delivered that will be combined into a single invoice.  Payment of these invoices are to be remitted to Cynergy Solutions as instructed on the Invoice based on your existing service agreement.

SugarCRM Projects in Flight: Depending on your situation you may have an existing project in flight.  Your project will be completed and the services you have purchased will be delivered based on the details of your Exhibit A (Statement of Work and Software Purchase) with Cynergy Solutions.

SugarCRM New Projects:  Any new project requests after May 1st will be delivered by Faye Business Systems Group.  We will of course be assisting during this transition.

All the best…

Ryan Wieler

Managing Director, Cynergy Solutions