Marketing Automation

Did you know that 63% of companies outgrowing their competitors use marketing automation?img-activity-history1

Marketing automation offers tremendous value to businesses of all sizes by increasing efficiencies, saving costs, improving the sales pipeline, and boosting profitability.

Marketing’s functions have changed dramatically in the last decade, which means the way we structure the marketing organization needs to be re-thought.

To be successful today, your department must be structured for agility and speed. Today’s models are built for speed and collaboration. Silos are broken down and replaced with cross-department partnerships that support teamwork, cooperation, and nimbleness.

How do you become a High-Performance Marketing Department? How do you outgrow your competitors in a day where marketing is generating the majority of new customers?

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Marketing Automation from Act-On is your fully-integrated solution.

Act-On provides marketing automation for the real world. The busy world of multiple roles and responsibilities.

Act-on simplifies the hand-off of hot prospects identified through lead scoring to your sales team.



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The Act-On Platform Includes:



Optimizing for search is no longer a nice-to-have.

It’s a business imperative. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most impactful things you can do to improve your online findability. By applying SEO to your website pages, you can attract more visitors who are looking for exactly the products and services you offer. And that will likely increase your sales opportunities.

Social Media

Social media has grown up and gone into business. Today, social media marketing gives you new opportunities to connect with today’s buyers, and the business benefits are many, including increased exposure, traffic, leads, and sales. Act-On’s social tools help you power up your social programs.

Website Prospectingimg-anonymous-prospects

In sales, timing is everything. Given that today’s buyers do 60% or more of their own information-gathering before ever talking to you, it’s critical that salespeople have insight into what occurred during the buyer’s research phase.

Act-On’s Website Prospector allows sales to reach out warmly and effectively, with insight into their interests and pain points based on web pages they’ve visited, content they’ve downloaded, search terms they’ve used, and much more.


Web forms are essentially a handshake between you and a prospect; the latter provides contact information in exchange for something of value – perhaps registering for a webinar, downloading premium content, or taking advantage of a limited-time offer.

In digital marketing, web forms are essential for initiating engagement with prospects and customers. With Act-On, you can create professional-looking forms in minutes, and with minimal clicks.

Landing Pages

A landing page is a single web page (I.e., a destination page) that delivers the information your visitors are looking for. Examples include the answer to a specific question, a piece of content, a compelling offer, or an overview of a new product.
Landing pages are instrumental to digital marketing because they drive all types of conversions, from simple sign-ups (e.g., newsletters) to bona fide purchases.

Act-On makes landing pages a snap. With minimal clicks you can create, test, and launch these vital pages and drive real results.



Create lasting connections with your audience with powerful, personalized emails. Prove the value of every campaign you send, and deploy winning emails, even when time is short and resources are limited. Better email marketing is just plain easy with Act-On.

Events & Webinars

Year over year, webinars and online events top the list in effectiveness. The upside is huge, but the downside is that they’re time-consuming to plan and execute; it’s a reality that often results in hurried execution and sub-optimal performance. Act-On’s webinar and online event management functionality dramatically reduces the time you spend on organizing your webinar while increasing the quality of your results.


Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is a proven method for turning prospects into buyers. It’s done by systematically contacting prospects over a set amount of time and providing relevant content that eases them through the buyer’s journey.

Why is lead nurturing so important? Increased revenue opportunities. According to SiriusDecisions, 80% of prospects deemed “bad” by sales teams go on to buy within 24 months (possibly from your competitor). Lead nurturing keeps your brand front-and-center with potential buyers and lets you build trust over time.

Lead Scoring

Leads are not created equal. Some are ready to buy right now, some will likely be ready soon, and some are just entering the funnel. Lead scoring makes it easy to sort out the hot from the not. A good lead scoring system watches for online and offline buying signals, increases marketing’s ability to pass qualified leads to sales, and helps sales focus time and effort on the most likely buyers.

List Managementimg-create-new-list

List management is critical to your business success. From deliverability to engagement to conversion, managing your email list is one of the most important things you can do. Using best practices in list management will ensure delivery to the inbox and let you tailor conversations to your contacts’ precise needs. Act-On makes list management easy. You can create, adapt, amend, segment, and deploy lists with ease – no database administrator required.

A/B Testing

Connecting with customers is both an art and a science, and finding the right combination of design, copy, and call to action can be challenging. Brilliant concepts are only the beginning. A/B testing is an excellent way to determine which designs and copy will get the most conversions. For example, you can quickly discover whether the call to action “Buy Now” or “Shop for Deals” will work better with your target segment, or whether a red button gets more action than a green one. The better the response, the higher your return on investment.

Reports & Analytics

Campaign Reports

Website Visitor Tracking

At any given moment, 97% of your website visitors are invisible. Many are warm or hot prospects actively engaging with your content to figure out if you can deliver what they’re looking for. But since only about 3% ever identify themselves, it puts a serious crimp in sales’ ability to strike when the iron is hot.

Act-On’s Website Prospector solves the problem by helping your teams uncover the anonymous 97% – in real time.

Funnel Reportsimg-funnel-report

Marketing-to-Sales Waterfalls in a Single Real-Time View
Traditional reporting has your data siloed in multiple systems, making it a time-consuming challenge to create a consolidated and real-time picture of your conversion funnels.

With Act-On, data silos are no longer a barrier between you and your funnels.
Act-On funnel reports let you see your conversion flows at-a-glance, in real time and across time, no matter how many systems your data is stored in.

Data Studio

If you’re using marketing automation, then you’re collecting valuable behavioral data about your prospects and customers. Online behavior like webpage views, email clicks, and content downloads tells a story about your audience and reveals the true impact of your marketing programs. It’s time to put that information to work. Act-On’s Data Studio makes it easy to uncover new insights about the performance of your marketing programs to help you make smarter marketing decisions.

CRM Integration

Data Integrationimg-hot-prospects

As your business grows and expands, so too does the number of disparate applications that run it. For marketing and sales teams, tools and programs such as email, social, webinars, lead nurturing, lead scoring, and CRM (and there are many more) are standalone silos that don’t “talk” to each other.

And siloed systems slow business down.

Act-On’s integrated platform connects your critical marketing tools and applications so they work together, talk to each other, and coordinate data collection and reporting.

Sales View

The name is a misnomer; marketing automation isn’t just for marketers. Marketing automation is a tool for optimizing the path to revenue – including closing sales. In fact, companies that invest in marketing automation solutions see 70% faster sales cycles and 54% improvement in quota achievement.


Mobile App

You need to stay informed, no matter where you are. Act-On Mobile displays your most vital marketing information in one easy dashboard on your smartphone. Get instant access to the key information you need the most, wherever and whenever.

Act-On Anywhere

Act-On Anywhere gives you access to content, functionality, and engagement data as you browse sites or use the cloud-based applications that are part of your day-to-day workflow. With Act-On Anywhere, you can stay within your favorite applications while still using marketing automation to create and optimize content, use email more effectively, and access more marketing engagement data to make better business decisions.