SugarCon 2011: The SugarCRM Customer and Developer Conference

by dev on January 04, 2011

SugarCon ’11, SugarCRM’s fifth annual user& customer conference, brings together SugarCRM users, developers,partners and experts from around the world.


Packed with two daysof business, technical and product presentations, SugarCon provides practical knowledge that you can apply to improve your company’s performance.


More than just a CRM conference, SugarCon ’11is THE destination to learn how to optimize your business in new and innovativeways. SugarCon ’11 gives attendees the opportunity to:

  • Enter into a dialog with business and technical leaders about the future of CRM and the economy
  • Provide feedback and engage with the SugarCRM productaround the roadmap and vision for the Sugar platform.
  • Share best practices from CRM and Open Source experts and peers from around the world
  • Enjoy exciting entertainment and nightlife events in one of the most enchanting cities in the world
To Register for SugarCon ’11 please visit the Registration Site.