What’s the difference between Relate and Flex Relate fields in SugarCRM?

by dev on September 16, 2010

Relate field creates a one-way relationship between two records in two different modules. You can add multiple Relate fields to a module.

For example, you create a Relate field in Module 1 and select Module 2 as the related module. You add the Relate field to the Edit View and Detail View layouts in Module 1. When you create a record in the Module 1,  you can select a related record from Module 2. The Detail View of record in Module 1 now displays the related record from Module 2.  But  the Detail View of the record in module 2 does not display the record from Module 1, because this is a one-way relationship where only individual records from Module 1 are related to records from Module 2.

 A Flex Relate field creates a drop-down list from which you can associate a record with a related record in a different module. You can add only one Flex-Relate field to a module.  Hence, this option does not display in the Data Type drop-down list if the module already contains a Flex Relate field.

For example,  you create a Flex Relate field in Module 1 and add it to the Edit View and Detail View layouts. When you create a record,  you can use the Flex Relate drop-down list to associate the record with a related record from another module. You can view the relationship in the Detail View of either record.