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CRM Management Software Consulting Services

We provide a mix of services designed to help our clients achieve better results through the use of technology to streamline business processes, and improve the productivity of their teams. Our services are aligned with our 4-D Solution Delivery Model, and allow us to use the right tool for the job. Our capability to provide these services gives us a unique advantage. We are not a software company or a services company. We are a solutions based organization that solves business problems. The CRM management software consultation that we offer can help align your people, processes, and technology with the goals and objectives of your organization. By doing this we provide our clients the ability to maximize their business relationships, be more productive, streamline and automate core processes, and generate better results. We offer the following services to our clients:

End-to-End Solutions Delivery

From the initiation of the project, through completion, and on to support we can provide the right team to implement your solution. Our services and delivery model work together to provide our clients a flexible method to solve their business problems. Whether the solutions calls for gathering requirements, managing a tactical project, developing a custom solution, or providing support, we have the capability and expertise to meet you needs. We are a full service solution provider and can successfully implement your solution from start to finish.

Requirement Gathering

The number one reason projects fail to deliver the promised benefits is the inadequate identification and documentation of the requirements. Defining requirements and proper planning are keys to the success of any project. The challenge of requirements gathering is not the actual documentation of what the organization needs, but rather determining an effective way to capture all of the elements that are needed to successfully build the solution. We accomplish this by ensuring the requirements align with strategic or tactical goals of the organization, and that the scope is achievable based on the resource, budget, and time constraints.

Project Management

A critical success factor in delivering a successful business solution is project management. There is no substitute for leadership and experience when it comes to bringing together all the forces necessary to bring a complex project to completion on time, within budget, and within scope. Our Project Management services include, but are not limited to: Project Planning. Scope Development, Cost Management, Risk Management, and Quality Assurance. Key benefits to utilizing our services are improved ROI on project resources (reduce errors and delays), risk mitigation, and improved time-to-market to help you achieve a competitive advantage.

Custom Solution Development

Custom Solution Development can often be a complex, costly, and a lengthy process. Poorly managed development projects typically overrun cost and time estimates, are difficult to maintain, and do not meet the needs of the business. Companies are always concerned about the solution’s scalability, performance, security, support, and maintenance. At Cynergy Solutions our team brings expertise to the table. Our team, coupled with our methodology, and experience can ensures quality and results within time and budget parameters. We utilize the latest technologies to develop custom software solutions that meet your unique business needs.

Business Process Rationalization

Companies must focus on strategic goals and objectives, and enhancing their core competencies to stay competitive. At the same time, changes in the business, technical and legal environments are adding complexity and effort to administering your business processes. Finding the balance between continuous improvement, and repeatable processes is of paramount importance in today’s business climate. We provide the services to help our clients identify opportunities to improve the productivity of business processes. We analyze your business processes, the technology that support these processes, the strategic objectives of the organization, and identify the gaps between your people, process, technology, and strategy. At the end of the study, we recommend changes to the business processes, organization structure, and systems after taking into account existing investments, process priorities, and change management implications.

Integration Services

Organizations today realize that in order to maximize their business relationships they must leverage the information they have acquired over time. Duplicated data that resides in disparate systems across the enterprise can adversely affect profitable business relationships. Employees end up spending too much time chasing down information that should be readily available. Integrating data and business processes can help streamline your business and increase productivity. We can provide the tools and expertise to connect disparate processes and applications to enable your business.

Staff Augmentation

Finding reliable resources with the right expertise can be challenging and costly regardless of the size of your company. If you take on a project that is outside of your core expertise, the cost and time to train existing staff can be prohibitive. Projects typically have fluctuating resource needs that are best handled through staff augmentation. Let us help augment your staff so you can free up internal resources, lower operating costs, and increase operating efficiency. We can augment your staff with a team that will be productive immediately. Our flexible consultative approach includes assignment of multiple resources with varying skills within one resource budget. Short term or long term, onsite or offsite we can provide the professional resources you need to succeed.

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