SugarCRM Development

Whether your need a standard or advanced CRM, you want to be able to depend on it. We can make it happen.

We start with the SugarCRM software engine. It is the leading CRM engine in the industry, and for good reason. It is powerful and flexible, has numerous features drawn from experience with real customers of all sizes, and is easy to customize and scale to any size. SugarCRM is an economical, solid, open source system and has been field-proven with more than 10,000 successful customers.

Our experienced engineers then fit the SugarCRM system to your specifications and needs with customizations, our exclusive Cynergy Solutions-developed products and services, and those of our carefully selected partner vendors.

You get the economy of open source software with the assurance of Sugar CRM’s field-proven technology plus Cynergy Solutions’ demonstrated CRM expertise, all at a much lower cost than other proprietary systems or starting a CRM from scratch.