Delivery Options

Using the 4-D Approach – Define, Design, Develop, and Deploy, we can deliver a solution based on the unique needs of your business.


Small Business/Pilot Solutions

We offer a Fast Track Solution that is fixed bid/fixed scope that results in a complete roll-out of your solution. These solutions typically last from one to four weeks depending on the mix of software and services required. These solutions have limited scope, and typically do not include data conversions, or integration to 3rd party applications. This option allows for organizations to build a solid foundation on which to grow. This solution can also be utilized as pilot or Proof-of-Concept (POC) for more complex implementations, or to allow businesses to design business processes based on the capabilities of the product(s).


Mid-Size Solutions

These solutions are larger in scope and complexity than the Small Business/Pilot Solution. These solutions have some degree of data conversion, may be multi-site, multi-departmental, and have a limited number of integration points to other applications or services.


Enterprise/Large Solutions

These solutions are highly complex, multi-site, multi-divisional, and require many integration points to applications and services.



The 4-D Solution Delivery Model allows us to leverage a consistent approach in delivering solutions to provide results to our customer. The scalable nature of our delivery model allows us to expand or contract a particular phase or component based on the nature of the business and the specific project requirements.