4-D Solution Delivery Model



Implementation Methodology

Cynergy Solutions will implement a solution that fits your budget, scope and timeframe. In order to do this we have created a 4-D Solution Delivery Model – Define, Design, Develop, and Deploy. This approach is flexible, adaptable, and scalable to the needs of your business. The 4-D Solution Delivery Model is modular and allows us to scale components up or down, in or out, based on the specific needs of your. Think of it like a tool box. It allows us to use only the tools we need to complete your project. The right tools, at the right time, to complete the job.



Like in the construction industry; you have to know what you are planning to build before you can start construction. Therefore, the first step, and most important step in the 4-D Solution Delivery Model is to define what solutions will be integrated into your business and define the best method for their implementation. Also known as scope definition, this is the point in the 4-D Solution Delivery Model where we meet with your company to discuss your needs, requirements, and objectives.


The output or deliverable for this stage of the 4-D Solution Delivery Model is a Strategic Requirement Analysis document that outlines the project goals, objectives, and requirements. We will begin the design phase of the solution once we are in complete agreement on the success factors of the project.



This is another vital step in the 4-D Solution Delivery Model. Before we begin building any solution, configuring software, writing any code, we first create a solution design and plan, which clearly explains the best method(s) for integrating the solutions into your. To be successful, our clients are involved in every step of this process. Actual development of the solution will not begin until our clients are in total agreement with the design and specifications. This ensures that both parties are on the same page as to what will be developed, and deployed.


The outputs or deliverables of this phase of the 4-D Solution Delivery Model is a Functional Design Specification and Project Plan. We will begin development once the Design Specification and Project Plan have been approved.



Once the Strategic Requirement Analysis, Functional Design Specification, and Project Plan are created and approved, it is time to create your solution. The Develop Phase of the 4-D Solution Delivery Model is managed by a project manager or project executive that provides you with scheduled updates on the progress of development, deliverables, and timelines.


The outputs or deliverables for this phase of the 4-D Solution Delivery Model are a Technical Design Specification, and a complete business solution that meets the agreed to requirements and design. Other outputs or deliverables may be provided based on the scope of the project.



After we have Defined, Designed, and Developed your solution it is now time to Deploy the solution into production. We will only deploy the solution into production once we are in complete agreement that the solution has been developed to your specification, has been thoroughly tested, and the end-users have been trained.